These are these first official By-laws to the consititution for the FBIOBD. If the interim constitution is accepted by the members, these by-laws will also be added as-are, or can be changed by vote at the next stated meeting when these documents are voted on.

These by-law were issued by brother Andy A., on 3/3/2005 and were approved (via extensia) on 4/21/2005



I. Official Beer
The Official Beer of the FBIOB is Grainbelt Premium, the variety of beer which is brewed by the Schell brewery in New Ulm, MN. In the absence of said beverage, when any two (2) or more members are together for the purpose of drinking, or drinks are being served, at least one of said members must sigh wistfully and wish the beer they were drinking were Grainbelt Premium “Primo” at least once (1) per serving

II. Official Drinking Establishment
The official drinking establishment of the FBIOB is and shall be the Capri Bar in Superior, WI. At any time, should any two (2) or more members of the order find themselves together in another establishment for the purpose of drinking, they must at least once (1) during the time in said establishment actively acknowledge the fact that:

A: Said establishment is not as cool, fun, excellent, or inexpensive as
the Capri.
B. The jukebox at said establishment as not as good as that found at
the Capri.

Said members must also inform this to all other persons standing within a 5 meter (9.8425 ft) radius during the aforementioned discussion. The above-mentioned items must also be discussed in the presense or absence of any sort of factual evidence pretaining to them.