Anyone can be on your boat, but to be on ‘The Boat', a person has gotta meet some basic standards. Just because you and Frankie like Billy, doesn't mean we're gonna let that him on the boat. Besides, everyone knows that Billy is out of his tits. I mean, come on, they call him "Critical" Bill for a reason. Still just 'cause I don't like the guy, doesn't mean you can't give him the shake.

Anyways.. to be accepted as a "probationary" member, a guy has gotta have the sponsorship of no less that five (5) official members. One note on this: every member has to either vote or abstain on a new applicant. Two-thirds of those who do vote have to approve to make someone an official member. These votes are submitted directly to the PO, normally at an official group outing / meeting. Anyone can be considered for membership as many times as they want, provided they can find the backing.

Another note about something that has been in contention for quite awhile: Women can be accepted as members of FBIOBD. However if you think that we're gonna take the words "Fraternal", or "Brotherhood" out of the title anytime soon, don't hold your breath. Also, we're still gonna say "till that day, my brothers".... we'll, at least that's what I'm gonna say myself.

Please also, keep this in mind: When someone becomes an official member, he can only be removed by a vote of eighty (80) percent of all other members. It's tough to get someone out, so don't let no one on the boat you don't want to be stuck with. Getting the boot as such will be referred to as "buckwheats".


For the FBIOBD, there will be a Presiding Officer, called "President", "Potentate", "Boss-Man", whatever he/she/it decides. The PO is elected by the members, with a two-thirds majority, and stays in office until removed by the same. If a PO is getting voted-out, votes for or against need to be submitted to the person who called him out, and the tally will also be confirmed by the VP.

Not really a big deal. This is a democratic outfit, and all the decisions pertaining to the group are made by vote of the members. The PO is really just a figurehead. He the guy who says "break it up youse!" when members are fighting.... things like that. A guy can make all the proclamations and declarations he wants, but it ain't gonna mean salt without a vote from the rest of the boys.

There are two (2) actual powers that the PO does have:

- The PO has the final say as to weather or not someone gets the boot. If it's buckwheats, the man with the plan has got the final say as to wether or not he goes.

- The PO also appoints officers. The only office that has any meaning is vice-president; this is the guy who fills in for the PO if he's gonna be out of the country, in jail, or just needs a break. At this time, there are no other "serious" officers. If we find we need an official Treasurer, Secretary, or anything like that... we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, but those will probably be elected offices as well. Everyone will, however, have his own official title within FBIOBD. The final say on what exactly what the office is does rest with the PO, but woe to he who names a guy "Chairman of the Committee on Sewer Maintenance " and doesn't change it when the guy says something. That's not a classy move for a PO to make.. safe to say it's probably buckwheats for him.

--- VOTING ---

As a general rule on voting, anyone can bring anything to the group for approval. Anything from "we think pasta is great" to "Grain Belt Premium is the official beverage of this fraternity" can be voted on. Anything submitted for a vote must be voted on at an official meeting.

Anything approved by fifty (50) percent of those who do vote have to approve for an item voted on to be officially listed as on the books for the group. Any rule. proclamation, etc., can be repealed by a two-thirds majority vote, so if you see something you don't like, make sure to vote against it.

Votes are will normally counted by voice at group meetings. If someone feels the need, we can also have a ballot vote on ‘sensitive issues'. All votes are secret, so please keep them to yourselves.

As far as tally goes, just to keep it honest, your name will be listed here with how you voted when all votes are in on a given issue. That way, everyone can be sure his vote was counted correctly. Normally I'd have a problem with posting my vote up, but it's not like anything we're gonna do huge deal.. well, maybe some stuff.. whatever.

Some matters do need a special vote, but those are listed under the "membership" and "officers" sections.